cycline and two of the fluoroquinolones, pefloxacin and
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June, the roses there began to bloom, and she had a second attack.
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various types were observed in many animals. A case of this type which com-
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on account of the accidems which unfortu-^as against a percentage of 7 2 (117 out of
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prostate (when we have what is known as *' prostator-
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sive observations have shown that there undoubtedly
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cology; Arny, Practice of Pharmacy; Edmunds and Cushny ; Labora-
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Such are thought to be due to a definite toxin causing small erosions
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will assist in the elimination of the poison. The injection
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sioners met with lepers Avho not only had never eaten fish, but who did
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develop later, the abdomen is to be closed completely.
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washing of the peritoneum must be performed, or the
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powder is simply dusted on with good effect, and where they have
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Turning now to some general diseases, we read in 1807 a
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refer to the change of color of the sputum. Traube ' was prob-
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versity of Pennsylvania; Instructor in Otology, Graduate
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characteristic, the fuliginous aspect, stridulous voice and shrink-
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necessary to say that the injections should never be given in the arms or
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once that there is no rupture of any fibres of the brain, and no
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to remove their disease. In most of the cases important parts
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cc, virus filtrate 0.2 cc, mixed and treated as for Macacus rhesus K. No symp-
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were less hurt by a large number of casualties having occurred
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urinary tract — and at intervals the young were dis-
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the skin. They are very common, and doctors are often consulted
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Sorbonne, the excitement was so great that every one ran out without
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that the total yield of glucose from them could be 26.3 grams; thus
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have been either broken down or circuitously evaded
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comparative anatomy. We should be pleased to make copious extracts from
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macopeias. Eoyal Octavo. Over 1100 pages. Cloth, net, $5.00; Sheep,
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Batchelder, J. C. ; Greenwood, S. E.; Tobien, A. S.
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tusion of the skull, associated with some concussion of the brain. It
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icine which owes its origin, in a great measure, to him, has yet even
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as witness the struggles of many of the great anatom-
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the results compared favorably with those of any first-
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