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Examination was not satisfactory, but I thought it to be tuberculosis

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course, " racial qualities " may be understood in different senses, too.

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ous complications, treated by you on the general plan indicated by the answers

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be called cured. With erect bodies, unruffled feathers, full powers

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they were not readily subject to the lysis of conflicting opinion,

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Wales, M. D., U. S. N., 1 vol. 8vo. of 0S5 pages, with 642 illustrations: extra cloth,

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At times^ the calf dies the very day or the next after birth,

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viscera ; and we may also contend that an animal may occasion-

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Tumours both simple and malignant, deposits of tubercle, blood-

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how comes it that in certain years the most painful chaps, or the deepest fis-

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the sections of this work, regards the disease as an infectious

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every possible means to tempt nature to reassert her power over the

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to examination at more than three regular periods. Students who present by

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the writings of Freud have seized upon this to demonstrate

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cental murmur and the anaemic murmur (Nonnengerausch), are

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retained its own living power in an eminent degree, it

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ease history, their physical weaknesses and idiosyncrasies, the special pecu-

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the Chinamen are so given to domestic economy as to eat the chrys-

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corpus uteri among farm dwellers compared with nonfarm

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intellectual and moral nature, must be intelligent. In

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American Medico-Chirurgical Review." He was the first

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kidney or upon the coats of the bladder ; we will not find it

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disease of the colon, and it may be met with in other conditions. The

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mother told me you did." "No, you say I go to Miss Shaws school — / go to Miss

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several hours. In natural cases little assistance is needed,

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four years has been very irregular, but it is undoubtedly small-

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renal epithelium. As the epithelium is the principal seat of lesion in chronic

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friends and neighbors." The early Christians, sharing this idea to some

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costals — Death ahout sixteen days from onset — No cause

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the neuro-fibrils are secondary. The following conclusions on the

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Markoe, of New York, published in the January No. of

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much it resembled a pelvic inflammation arising from sepsis,

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There remain one hundred forty-six patients whose disorder

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