Germ-theory of disease applied to the explanation of the phenomena of idiopathic
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of death. The penalty to the citizens for disobeying these regulations was
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principle of equal or even greater importance than antisepsis, viz.,
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and is therefore, at least for the time being, a favorable omen.
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a little more than five months afterwards. Eight weeks after labor a
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fever has considerably subsided, from three-quarters to one and
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raillery all his lifetime^ till he became body surgeon at
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Quinine and antipyrine have no place in the treatment of the disease.
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Spleen, and Remarks on the Influence and Effects of Mmospheric
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Dr. George Friebis presented a case of partial rupture of the eye-
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have referred. There has been no autopsj^ ; we must there-
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sources of irritation that, more or less, impair the milking
newer antipsychotics and glucose metabolism a comparison between olanzapine and risperidone
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who subjected his eyes to the influence of a strong spark.
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carried it out in a most thorough manner, extending
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bandages of linen , either common or fine linen ; the
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and oil it to keep the varnish from drying : it entangles
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Medical Society, and member of, and delegate to, the
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he started from Alstead, and took me with him, to go
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Sometimes the fright deals a death-blow to the foetus, through a ponderous
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in the dermatological clinic in Berne is made by Ducommun's method ; that
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his text-book, called attention to the great mobility of the child, and to
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tion some functions of mental activity are increased, and imagination and
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most small and clasping. The flower heads, from two-thirds of an inch to about
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sufferings from impeded respiration, want of sleep and appetite,
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have ever seen — among the nearest approaches being
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tion for six weeks, at which time the sinus would barely admit
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lent hospitals of quacks in Boston or any other city.
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One-on-one technical assistance and keynote speaker.
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man is the victim of a disease beyond his control. As a summing up of
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into the external auditory canal. In his experience, earache had


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