Nov. 6. — I)r Berry in the Chair. Dr Miles, as tlie Senior President,
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Microscopes, Microscope Materials, and Optical Instruments,
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Fig. 32. Appearance of the inguinal region of a normal rabbit.
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and in disease, and a certain amount of specialism is just and
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tion to Medical charges against clergymen, and which was on the
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sanitoriums, and German surgeons became apostles of cleanliness.
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guine derepente confertim delato -, fi^ inquam, eruperit ',
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two years of which we held a public appointment, the duties of which neces-
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puzzling as this, than to refer it to so hypothetical a
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If, then, the clinical diagnosis of early cancer of the breast is
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undoubtedly increased temporarily to a great degree. Of course it is not
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reform wrote as follows: u Hygiene is knocking loudly at
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Essence of Sweet Pea. — Extract of tuberuse, of orange
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attack may be looked upon as mild, if you have not great
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which infect people with disease. Phenol and corrosive sublimate
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useful ] for, even if the alimentary canal be in good
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Trans. Path. Soc. London, 1889, p. 420.— 51«. Ibid. p. 431.-52. Hodenpyl. New
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breathing frequent, pectoral. Patient could only lift the legs a
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made a diagnosis of navicular arthritis and performed double
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an apparatus resembling a truss has been employed. The most
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best pharmaceutical talent of England for six years.
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from efcaping through the pores in the coats of the
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11 to 7 per cent. The capacity of the wards remains
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Lesieur. Pellagot and Jacquet in the VIII military area of France
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must distinguish between acute conditions, where interference is
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weight, 102. Cough not very frequent, with a moder-
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venne. Cough is to be soothed, the simpler the mode of accom-
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B. The Hospital and Ambulance Establishments necessary,
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ihis point had undergone the calcareous degeneration and a calcareous
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than was expressed in the significant silence and quiet of our class on that occasion.


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