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but cannot rest for a moment as the pain and suffering increase. A
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of anomalous cases of diphtheria occasionally seen in weakly and ailing
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it alternately around either side of the stone, succeeded at last in dislodging
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third term of four years, by the trustees of the institution.
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organs, or even over the whole animal frame. We have examples
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particularly prominent upon the inside of the thigh,
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Le GflJlois, by an extensive series of experiments, arrived at the following conclusions : —
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Stereo vision involves obtaining two separate imaging views of an object of
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text-book under angioneurotic oedema. Meige, in 1898, described eight
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paper deserves the most careful reading by every physician of
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total solids, fat, sugar, ash, and caseine in every case. He states that on
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certain that his natural instincts, as well as his acquired
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above the level of the piles along the line B. B. and
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4.— Points to be Observed by the Family of a Tubercu-
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and also by comparative examinations of the cord ai^r death ^m other diseases.
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the earth to a state of undisturbed serenity of countenance,
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operation, I am unable to give an upiniuu, but a careful
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effusion or fatty accumulation fall into wrinkles when the fluid or &t
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rhage, and was readmitted, and the uterus was again explored, and a
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is very useful in affections of the eye. The dose is
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time to suit the requirements of the case. A fortniglit


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