for that Budget of Goodies, received weekly, I trust you will

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L.poTtant of these are Alkalies, which are of use in general

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its own form in the fseces during fasting, and in the meconium. 6. The

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knowledge of the causative organism, there is no scientific

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pushes the medicnie further, and looks in vain for that amendment

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callus (new bone) to either portion. Fistulous openings

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I shall endeavor to show hereafter the coiTectness of this prop-

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with the left limb, and subsequently learned from her

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ameliorated after birth. This theme might be developed further, but

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nutrition itself, who attach only slight importance, if any, to poverty as

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in the last year alone. The cost per patient visit in the

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There were two deaths— one after excision of tongue, from

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8, Russell Sturgis, M. D. ; No. 9, Frederick F. Daggett, M. D.

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cephalic armature. This is brought about by the thickening the blood

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as Nabothian follicles. The congestion and edema of the cervix commonly

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The catalogue of diseases which Dr. Clouston has here

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beginning, had not improved appreciably. The gangrenous ear

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The omentum is a sort of apron made of a fold of the peritoneum,

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Fowler, J. S., A Statistical Study of Insanity .... 329

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the public is not completed in the acquirement of high attainments,

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Liver, 2 lb. 3 oz., shows early fatty infiltration and cloudy swelling ;

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may raise the platinum to bright redness, so as to cause the

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facet of the vertebra in lesion reaches a fixed point, re-

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March 1st. — 7 a.m. : Temperature, 10H° ; pulse,

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of blood escaped over the abdomen. I ligatured the pedicle and

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The chief advantages claimed for Ewald's method are the following : —

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during that time the patient had remained well, and borne nine children

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small sterile container with glass beads, the defibrinated blood can be preserved


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