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between February 17th and April 10th, 1874, 171,150 c. ctms.
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more or less chronic congestion of the liver, a course of
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when a dealer respectfully puts forward that he pur-
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Medical Council alters its examiners and their methods of
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namely: the anatomical study of the lesion itself. In the case
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McFadyean and the majority made a report in which they
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drium is more distended and resistent ; the sharp edge is
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general feeling of uneasiness, with restlessness, or of weari-
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time in the state of simple inflammation, and then subside; or that it may ter-
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peutics. In order properly to test a drug or method of treatment, it
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will be of value to practitioners also. The pronunciation of each
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this stage there may be two inflamed surfaces, — the costal and pulmon-
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a brief paper in the July issue of the American Jouriud of
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Further confirmation of these observations was readily ob-
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well as an entertainment to himself ; for the produce
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the meeting to order at 10 : 15 a. m., and, upon motion. Dr. J. G. Truax
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trial poverty which seems to be almost increasing. Poverty of the
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two attacks of rheumatism, dyspnea and palpitation. Blood pressure varied from
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on the branch of midwifery; and has attended his wife
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up. Serve with white sauce, omitting the parsley, and garnish
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water with which to irrigate, and the soil becomes so dried
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through the teat canal. The disease is local, usually only one or
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if there is weakness, small pulse, prostration or any yellowish
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iostances, a considerable share of elasticity, owing to the minute elas-
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Six other cases were operated upon after an attempt or
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about the breast, easily tired in walking, except on
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early manifestation of senility. Indolence of the bladder, with slow
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ficial click which is transmitted somewhat to the left; it disappears on deep


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