thrown outward, and we are then deprived of this classical sign.

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Barnes, Dr. Robert, on the convulsive diseases of women 261

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chicory does a thriving business in many States under

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is zofran good for hangovers

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or chlorine, is best applied in as concentrated a condition as can be

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being made to the ten deaths which occurred in the series of 104

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duct was shrivelled up and atrophied. The communication

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often relapsed, especially if the joint was strained. In some cases

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methods of healing are by union of two granulating sur-

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life in a doubly dangerous manner — it would be wasting time to

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into the lungs, and nature sets up a violent coughing to eject the intruder. As

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author relates a story of one of his own pupils in large

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three members being professors of the school, and one each repre-

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by that remarkable character Paracelsus (1493-1544), the dis-

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RiGGS, C. E. In Bigelow's International System of Mectro- Therapeutics, 1894, K. 24. —

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obstetric surgery will prove me to be not very far out of the

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the mobilisation of the duodenum is again referred to as greatly

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five treatments to effect a perfect cure, with complete absorption

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notes, and upon impressions received from a considerably larger number,

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was safely deUvered of a living child weighing about nine pounds

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" The superficial muscles of the leg presented very markedly those appear-

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preparatory class, this course will not be given in the

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methods employed by us in its production be published, together

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through the skin into the tear-sac, the after-treatment

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Secured in the Big Horn Mountains, August 8, 1892, B. C.

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some time, were manifestationfl of overacidity of blood, which thej


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