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lumbar curvatui-e. The lateral rotary curvature was

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W. W. Will to succeed himself as alternate delegate, and

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ngs, or the use of double refined loaf sugar, or glass

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It is during the first three weeks of life that especial care

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plication of cold, either by too sudden change of apparel, keeping on wet

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L. S. (and Boston); Ellis, D. S. ; Everett, 0. H. ; Flagg, E. B.;

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curative intervention is a fact so well known that it will not be

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7. Without dilating upon the point, it will be enough to allude to the

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quainted with the subject. For the ability to choose the anaesthetic

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found to be so sensitive that when pressure is made the face of

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The pathologist found these studies of interest in disproving the

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not knowing how my eldest Son's career in life might be

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Grant me the strength, time and opportunity always to correct what I have acquired, always to extend

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" Hippiatrica," that it consisted mostly of the letters of Absyrtus,

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cent, of strychnine, which was present in the form of the alkaloid.

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Certain practical difficulties, no doubt, would arise at the outset of such

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accountability from all those who serve it. Today, allied

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What we intend to do in this section is to describe how

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generally accepted for the population as a whole, possibly because of

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by the head of the operating table are placed the appliances used

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London : Longmans, Green, Reader, & Dyer, 1871.

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blacks, we can point to the excessive number of deaths

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it ceases, of the greatest benefit ; these cases getting well with-

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well as the profession. Not a reference was made to it in the secular press

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admit, in common with the great body of the profession,


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