York and in hyperpyrexial cases there was a mortality of only

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of the medulla as the higher cerebral centres are often un

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further experimental work as to tbe dose and necessity for re injection.

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variation in the total or percentage of excretion of the other elements

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Unstriped muscular fibers are much slower in response.

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have been assigned as the clinician must be guided by the material

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a foreign substance imbedded in its walls which being with

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sound in the cavity of the uterus is exceedingly dangerous

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epithelial necrosis small hemorrhages and ulcers and on opening the

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that the only conclusion that can be drawn from these figures is that

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independent of each other as for example in.some we may have

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at various times to fear such a sequence the statement

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increased number of red cells an eosinophilia and a polychromato

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during the night. In a severe case of typhoid fever free stimulation just

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most detrimental. We see such danger in the cases of men who

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Dr. Currey from the Committee on A oluntary Contributions submit

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the optic nerve the choroid was ossified. In the inter vaginal

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thereby in great measure controlling the discharge of heat the

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cent. So far therefore the death rate is higher than for

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vertebra and. the edge of scapula. Kadial pulse small but strong without any

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from oedema. While oedema does not explain all of the disturbance there

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vaso motor center of the spinal cord beneficial results so called burns

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stantly present. When the occlusion is in the small intes

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cause the uterus is always full and because by medi

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ments are increased and the nutrition of the lungs is improved. The

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been gradually growing worse for over a year until now


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