The great advance in the treatment of tliis condition may be seen
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to the ground at 30 inches distance, measured by the pace-stick,
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and the Lawrence, Kansas, Social Survey, made under the direction
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with a onild cathartic, in connection with opium, early in
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necessary to touch the root of the polyp with a stylet
Fifth. In the former, the exudations of serum and lymph
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the eye of the ox, and the different cultivation fluids, this bacillus
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the heartbeat produces an effect on blood pressure which is less than
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according to the urgency of the case, every three hours, until
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to it. In these experiments the ph} r siological action of hydroxla-
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where the mesenteric border cannot be saved, section
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This same M. Jourdain cites one of his experiments which I regard
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occurred after a severe attack of influenza. Microscopical examination
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We are not responsible for the views of correspondents.
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100 or more, and may reach 160. Jaundice is not very infre-
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regards the thromboses as the extreme expression of these
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Francois the First appreciated on his visit to Normandy. — Ex.
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dation, is a common cause of failures in business. This error is
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or, b; oiydnlion, Urea and Carbonie acid, (See Hbove,]
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result from the prolonged use of opium : on the other hand, evidence of
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doubt that the student can profit more by dissection after he has heard a course
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would go a long way, not only to solve the problems of tuber-
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and voice be affected, topical applications must be used. If osseous or peri-
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•outbreaks has been demonstrated by microscopical examination of
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and in the full possession of his intellectual power, com-
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ing tub three feet nine inches long. Each litre would then con-
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tomy, physiology, &c. — Exploration of the pulse — Physicians
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type, has its origin in the apex of the lung (Figs. 1 and 2), pursues a
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The regions referred to as plains differ greatly in
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