demic will assume a new type, or disappear altogether. There

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change in the appearance or taste of the food. The danger from infection

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was then carefully attached to the tissues, just below

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glands; these are really flattened-out cells lining endothelial

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Mastication. Mastication, or chewing, is the first step in the process

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were chiefly nourished, yet, for several years back, several eminent

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The effect of liberal feeding may be seen in a two-year-

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ably French in origin because in that language antimoine is a tempting

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work self-supporting, in fact it has been a necessity on account

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labor ; preferably by bi-polar version, rupture of the

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as a midwife, for twenty years; in an interview of about

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there is nothing to favor the less radical procedure.

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fibrin, which you can get by whipping fresh blood, or by making soup

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Better yet— why doesn’t the Country held know the country

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Lauder, which he continued until 1879 ; except for a brief

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drawn, and on administering some water it was found that he

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putting a little nitre in the milk-pail before milking, or

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Hill, Leonard: The Mechanism of the Circulation of the Blood, in Schafer's

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more common than the text-books would lead us to believe, although

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dressing and care of fractures passes into the hands of doctors in the

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that the roentgenologist working above the sterile sheet can

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troublefome by their bad fmell. All thefe inconveni-

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effusion, the diagnosis is confirmed. The heart symptoms

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to say that this discussion, like every other surgical

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(Walsh JME, Baron RB, Browner WS: Predictors of screening for hypercholesterolemia in a

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iodine in portions of one part, at intervals of fonr hours or more, agitating well

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week for twelve weeks. Elective for juniors and seniors.

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is seen in the secondary. Something capable of pro-

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Vesalius would properly be regarded as a surgeon. He

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this presentation of the case is not in accord with the facts. Up

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metaftafis of the morbid matter, give occafion to dan-


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