with carbolic acid solution was laid upon the pleura,
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my opinion in this matter, when even Yirchow' reserves his
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ries now so boldly set up for the privileges and honors which science gives, is
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fowls the absence from the cord of the nem-ilemma sheath and
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to a case of nephritis after diphtheria, and again in one instance
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and the like. The painful or sore feeling which many are
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part of a grain which is contained in a drop. This is the fraction :
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and older subjects (Table 4). The geometric mean titers a
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from some poisoning of the blood ; and the pleurisy, the inflam-
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the wound a grooved director, and canyfl^ upon una a
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esting part is that the wife, the mother of both children, is perfectly healthy.
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Maltopepsyn.— Since its introduction into the Dominion of
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mometer for four years was 1.8® ; for the six-inch was
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the patient’s best interest. As in prescribing any drug, the
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by overcast but dry weather. Owing to the clouded state of the skj,
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discontinuity in regard to foreign bodies between the
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and landed in New York on the day that Lincoln was shot.
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great weight with many good people as evidence of an advanced
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U.S. Col. Troops, was admitted into the Field Hospital,
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in the fifth line of this section, relating to the number of members
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movable joint. There is a double-jointed foot, having nine toes. The
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bacterium coli commune which had acquired special virulence ; this
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now be undertaken for the benefit of medical writers
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with each other." Col. David Bruce, E.A.^M.C, F.E.S., addressed the
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made traction on the loop as it showed a distinct tendency to saccular
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tary unconsciousness with slight muscular twitching, but in which
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among Restoratives. ( Chalybaxtes.) The other metals are distributed
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and while the single knot was tightly drawn, the silk was tied around it by an
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have been in nearly all cases intelligent, competent, and faithful men.
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cells is often below 50." This is a startling fact, the importance
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As to the question, "Next to yourself whom would you prefer to
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clean cause. Publications, letters and stamps, telegrams, railroad


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