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further experiments. — Pharm. Joum,, Feb. 19, 1876.
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The appearance of the fifth edition of this work is a sufficient proof of
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demand more attention during the coming year. Both the
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starting should fully appreciate the fact that the true physician is generally in
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and was qualified to make complicated analyses without a
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to use, also, sheet lead and tin dressings in such cases.
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amination, were found to be nearly destitute of sugar, only slight
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Eleocharis olivacea, Torr. Ann. Lye. N. Y. iii, 300 (1836).
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call for aid to the wounded in the recent battles of the
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tubercular deposits also manifest themselves on the membranes cov-
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sarily a danger sign, since it is usually due to local
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some aspects of the subject, and devotes himself chiefly to the
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fomentations, a high-heeled shoe, and a blister (the red
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operation, when for i><<iim- rlayn ha<l
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constantly attaches itself to the unknown, that, although I
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the patient's symptoms grew worse, and death ensued from oedema of the
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moist, and clammy ; he felt annoyed at a frequent desire
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as readily as if complete success had attended all their previous, efforts.
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put the frog in water he will swim till he strikes the shore, where he
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or both sides, as the case might require. I nave generally
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" Tlie (jraiitlmotlicr of tiie child remarked incidcnlally
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side fulfilled its functions. The uterus itself could not be felt
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causes a destruction of the horn of the foot. It is asserted by
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whither he is going,' and there is much truth in it.
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seven o'clock he had a paroxysm, which was much less severe
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difference of opinion as to the treatment. It is imperative to operate,
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patient has taken in all 410 comprimes, about 100 grammes of stannoxyl.
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done can be ascertained and promptly repaired, whereas in fractures of
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" fecundines, fhe will be feized with a great difeafe,
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necessary. Dilatation of the pupil ought to be kept up by the
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tom, seek to complicate the labor. Tl>e autlior of this paper
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on an appearance very different from the normal. The cell
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touch, may not feel it, and besides, should it be felt in the vitreous,
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gave a detailed list of cases operated upon since January 1st, 1884,
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chemists in the Health Board recently found in the water.


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