13,755 Cases of Small-pox classified, according to the Vaccination
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of June, and went immediately into quarantine ; she was de-
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light, wbL-'h may be still further moderated by keeping over the
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The convulsion lasted about a minute and a half. She then spoke,
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nation, 338; Cripps, H., ovariotomy and abdominal surgery, 5<j4;
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The left blade is introduced by passing it over the fingers of the
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alcohol acts as a direct preservative of the tissues. The former
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tion. It may probably, also, in most cases where it is used, super-
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I shall endeavor to show hereafter the coiTectness of this prop-
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amiliar with the clinical features that differentiate this entity
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100 cc). The leucocytes appear to be increased. Sivori and
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by this method, mention may be made of certain experiments carried
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.\bout six hours before death he coughed up a good deal of pus. The patient
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hoped that the superstructure of our knowledge will rest
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Though its whole inner surface is exceedingly vascular, yet it is
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pursue any measure of this kind, with much uniformity. A refer-
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either staphylococcus or pnetunococcus in 75% of the cases. 11 cases died;
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The present Professor of Systematic Surgen>- in Edinburgh
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rapidly. In thirty-six operations of every sort in which he had
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M6netrier: Soc. Med. des Hopitaux, Seance du 4 Dec, 1896.
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Chemical Gazette ") we reprint the following formulse, as likely
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having been thus excited, careful enquiries have been made in all
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Moreover, the physical properties of certain samples were such as
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•61 106 Aberdeen. Anatomical and anthropological society
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among the most popular forms with patients, but exigencies some-
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has the power of selecting his time for changing transverse positions of the
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with feeble respiration ; no rales. Temperature 102°,
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Director-General and Live Stock Commissioner, and which did
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succumbed to experimental rabies ; and also from the brain of a four-
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of monstrosities are the result of disease in the embryo. Amer.
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When the albuminous constituents of our food are brought
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This paper will only refer to haemorrhage from this
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used by most writers as synonymous. It is necessary, how-
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looking right tonsil, which on being removed was foimd to contain nearly a
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tion established. It is evident, therefore, that already the Red Cross,
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time, it also survived. — Dr. B. P. Watson read "A Case of Repeated
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otomy was performed, and the patient recovered. The case presents
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a few leeches to the groin or sacrum. I have seen many cases
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missions in China, as it is set forth in the following
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diseases, having the same general features, producing similar dis-


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