Bacon ° writes at length on the subject of vomiting in

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the book that noble sentiment which Plutarch puts into

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garded if the leucocytosis diminish. Dutzmann, of Griefswald,

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the exhibition, and among these one peculiarity was found to be invariable,

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case amputation should be thought of, or if this should

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and then in a few moments after recover their usual appearance.

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Kentucky.— Samuel Annan, R. W. Gaines, J. B. Flint, J. W-

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larger area of the brain than that primarily affected. Consciousness is

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nerve; (5) paralysis of right third nerve; (4) paraly-

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gram-positive bacilli and diplococci. The primary defect is multiple in most

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duced into the stomach except when the action of the

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eruption is very rarely seen . on the face ; what is seen is, as has been

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would strongly recommend its perusal by any who may desire further information. 19

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it has remained untouched, and merely protected from the dust by a

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side whether shortened or not, and if the actions of the

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the private's mind. He was not even aware of the wound he had

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interesting subject for photography had the art then

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tage as inhalations, either with Sturt's instrument or Seigle's spray-inhaler.

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were of two kinds — one for the muzzle-loading Enfield rifles, with

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of the year. The thermometers in the screen rose to 57.7° on

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This, then, we must consider as the climax of the disease, and that which,

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remarks on these cases that they were on one side only. They

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child recover the power and use of its limbs ? The inter-

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ism of delivery on account of the absence of the sacrum as well

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made for them, that its continued and dreadful mor-

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will serve as control, serum and fresh normal bouillon in the

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of the fate that overtakes those unlucky physicians

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the apparent severity of the trauma has not necessarily any relation to the

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In several of these instances I took samples of air from the rooms

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received from these • officers, the medical officer in command of

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afflictions of tuberculosis with a well-established habit of drug dosage.

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and occurring with an attack. " Palsy usually comes on with a sud-

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late, having resisted a variety of remedial measures. It is now most

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