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friable tissues and thin skin, and the second tough muscle and

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from the disease which has produced the stricture, but from

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intestinal mucosa is hyperemic, and the serum of the blood

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vations made during the winter in the dissecting: room are offered.

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2. Respiratory Tract.— -The application by means of an

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nausea. He attended to business in the forenoon, was

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It is unique in its character. Without demonstration it

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the inflammation which followed after the exciting inter-

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merit of simplicity. A couple of drops of the solution

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The rationale of Dr. Brunton*s treatment is this, that in acute or chronic

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“Microscopic: The ovary is diffusely edematous and

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tuberculosis of the lungs are those which are found at death in chronic

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gressiva, Dissert, Halle, 1872, Surgeon General's Library, Washington.

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a corresponding organization on the part of a Federal Health Adminis-

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and Industrial Research decided that it was the duty of the Government

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his education, environment, habitx, efforts at HeIf-<'on-

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but to avoid confusing detail the tables here given merely indicate the

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clinically, but have submitted it to several tests in vitro. The elixir is


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