Affected: IC 16-4-8; IC 25-22.5-1-1; IC 25-22.5-6-2.1; IC

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of a very tough consistence — due to biliary cirrhosis — and of

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these cases will be referred to subsequently in connection with another

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Two numbers, different months, of The American Medical Journal, will be sent for trial.

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Conference for Social Work, Chicago; The National Organization for

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would have thrown the zygomatic arch into undue relief had it

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tance (3 to 4 inches) from the outside of the body. In

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sented must be returned at once, and like a draft, it will be cashed on sight. We

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be driven back as the wind changes. The site of (he city is slightly

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of this tooth were much enlarged and the periosteum thickened :

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In order to prevent the hatching of the flies, the manure

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the same to the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Zurich.t In 1827, Peschier

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minous seeds it is very high, 1 : 2 to 1 : 3, while in oil-

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pressure finally responded to treatment and upon discharge

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Feser gives the following resume with reference to his observa-

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malaria. The explanation of the phenomena belongs rather to the

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them in their own homes. As a general rule, those received,

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uneasiness, pain, or other symptoms, in addition to the use of

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ally than was indicated by the writer of the paper.

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Of such, deceit is a prominent characteristic. Having deceived

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616995. Creighton, C. Bovine tuberculosis in man. Lond. 1881.

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"That the Criminal Code of Canada be amended so that a person who

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are very common in most tropical countries, in the sick and in the healthy

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or three strokes, as may prove convenient, and after-

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their own liquor, add to it the soup and one pint of boiling

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of the patient, as regards the preponderance of fever or debility.

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:given in times (seconds) of outflow through the viscometer.


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