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in the Medical Faculty of Bishop's College, Montreal, has been
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of his findings, and what he has done, to the "scribe," who enters the
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The remedy in case of a simple fracture of bones, under the im-
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and seven partially depancreatized dogs (Tables XV to XIX,
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her opinion to respect. She is reviewing a paper by Dr. J. S.
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5. Cole, VV. H.; Ireneus, Carl, Jr., and Reynolds, J. T.: The
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From the time when the condition Avas diagnosed as membranous
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name of the publishers, Messrs. William Wood & Co., was unin-
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125, temperature not noted. The patient had five con-
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hood by the sensational and sensual fiction so abundant. Also by
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which a state of delirium, manifested by restlessness, tremor,
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International Clinics: A Quarterly of Clinical Lectures on
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bacillus, and it is not necessary to repeat here this description, which was
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of different remedies, and thus be able to determine more accurately
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A first period — a period of incubation or effusion — ^is characterised
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Guiteras, of the U. S. Marine Hospital Service, has
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second dose, the respirations dro])pe(l below 10 and
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'were perce])tible ; tlie tuberculous centers extended prominently
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hyperkeratosis: A possible role of triglycerides. Pharmacol Skin 1987; 1:223-230
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such cases, often more than one tumor presents itself, some of which
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tions, or poisons resuhing from the death of cells of the tissues. That it is the
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of fortv-eight cases treated in this manner six were cured and
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22. Waters MF, Rees RJ, McDougall AC, et al: Ten years of dapsone in lepro-
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since it costs nothing, it can be recommended to the poorest of
They say that almost the whole world is their witness,
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by bacteria in chemical and morbid processes, the book is deserving
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and passed on an average 1,085 c.c. of urine daily; this figure,
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be a ( piper,' ( roarer,' 6 whistler,' or f grunter,' accord-
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The artery, it was already known, from the pulsation of
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3. When the albumins are to be avoided the carbohydrates are, as a rule,
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an associated phenomenon of the neuro-muscular asthenia,
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ilar to ordinary eczema madidans. The involution is,
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tion ; indeed it is evident that any attack sufficient to destroy the
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Dr. Cory's experiments on himself, reported by Bristowe, Hutchinson,
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Carl B. Drake, M.D, Editor; George Earl, M.D., Henry L. Ulrich, M.D., Associate Editors
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to use, also, sheet lead and tin dressings in such cases.


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