As a result of the reorganization of the University of Toronto and

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animals upon which the spinal cord has been injured. If we lay

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occurring especially in the morning. She had lost considerably in

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positive reasons, the diagnosis of obstruction of the common

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of which calls for work on a large scale carefully planned and executed.

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hlood ; {n) New experiments concerning the relation

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Ely: People seem to respond to you in three ways. The first is, they

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eye, seemed also to be indicated by the rules which v. Graefe

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In Uie course ot a few days the patient passed his urine

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lapse may take place in the lower and posterior portions of the lungs, as the result

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weak solutions of tincture of muriate of iron, hyposulphite

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and geueral properties. In America, inga is extolled as an astringent

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total construction costs for new hospitals, as against

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When the tuberculin test is applied to cattle for any purpose

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but I found the labor of analysing a collection of cases in which

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cephalic V root fibers. These root fibers are coarser than gjiy

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and supposes it can reach the pleura aud pericardium

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tubercle some time before the other was affected, the irritation

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Both of these islands are mountainous, and their combined area is

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place in the medulla, too much blood is supplied, and the ganglionic

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patient. In the iK'ginning of disease, before the pro-

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and (3) even when the mid-axillary glands are implicated. Pilcher

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There were no ulcerations in the bowels; no endocar-

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or osteomyelitis, both terminal and lateral. Such conditions pre-

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III! it Reso/re,/, That the i\Iedical Society of the

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Case XVI. — (Mardellis.) Patient received a blow from a bottle over the

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In reading the results of the tests the laboratory worker should pay no

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