exercise no deleterious influence on the public health. Whilst
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House obtains that enlargement which the sister service at
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calls, all determinations being made during digestion of the
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hemorrhage caUs for surgical interference, and, rejecting the various
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discriminative forms of sensibility which reach their acme in
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abodes. But to show the effect upon health of cleanliness and air, and other
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commended by Trousseau. But when the cases were accompanied
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the larger vessels red blood is seen. The eyelids have become visible previously, and
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present, are pathognomonic of the disease. Unfortunately,
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we may state that these led to the belief on the part of Dr.
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The BTir&ce of the primitive fasciculi (Bbres) of voluntary
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Muscle Status. — There was some atrophy of the left arm and
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Chills. — Night sweats? how long had them? fever daily? hectic fever? flush
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were made to overcome this repugnance, but in vain, and the attempt was aban-
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fully attended to. In all cases of receiving a testimonial from one whom I have
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abides in action in the cortical centres, and passes therein from cell to
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resulted from causes quite independent of alcohol. Secondly,
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