sions, twice during last summer, and once in the spring of this year,

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it subjects a limb from the compression of the whole of its

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easy matter to calculate the amount of moisture required to bring the air

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others, but no abscesses, properly speaking, were seen.

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mixed diet. But in this both patient and physician were greatly dis-

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factor in physical diagnosis, and, therefore, cannot hon-

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deterioration, the effect of which culminated after six years of reproductive

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age and traditions, iu themselves a liberal education,

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has been shown. Thus, the patient's age, sex, height and weight are

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all degrees of severity, varying from the slightest cut of the

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any valuable properties being claimed for the waters of the springs,

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ix. p. 673. — 113. PiANESE. Lanatura infettmadellacorea del Sydenham. Napoli, 1893.

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D. The Labio-Dental position, where f and V are produced by

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oils, and the other soluble in water and present in wheat, vegetables,

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that therefore this was one of the things for which to be pre-

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the same as ''mayurakantha sachchhaya»«" in jloka,

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these investigations have placed the question of the diagnostic

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doubt, that violent continuous extension of a bullet-smashed femur, combined

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■imply by being itself secreted : that while passing through a

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months old or breast fed by another woman. It also gave the

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cation of the bandages the foot is properly held until the plaster

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present who owned the right. I took out my medicine,

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small degree in horses above eight years of age ; but at

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^ remedies we are enabled to exert an immense control over

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tried medicine, baths, brushes, and massage without help. He now has six in use by his patients.

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71. Eppinger, Falta and Rudinger: Ztschr. f. klin. Med., 1909, 66, 1.

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Henoch believes to be the rule, namely, that multiple tubercle is far more

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paint will conceal an undesirable complexion ; and a German

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different, but not advanced, stages of granular or pigmentary

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Sergt. Samuel Gross in charge of the field hospital. June


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