disturbance. If, however, any one think otlierwise, there is consolation

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port or commerce in living or dead cjittle, sheep, goats, hides, hair,

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gested an ingenious plan to determine whether alcohol can act as >

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A fine usually results ; alternative imprisonment, however, may

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of one or two other points. For example, Mr. Baker Brown has

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us in the discussion of this common disease in which

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3. Do not sleep in any garment worn during the day.

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to absorb oxygen; and, with all this, also an increased muscular power

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throughout the body under the influence of toxin, which

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mals ; or whether it is situated internally in the human being,

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cause I am a Californian; I was not born here; I am not a

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(H. W. Kendall, M. D., Quincy, 111.) The etiology of acute and chronic

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In some cases the bacilli can no longer be found after the false membranes

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biliary ducts like a spring thaw, carrying off pus,

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Guiteau. a d.ay with, 21 ; the responsibility of, 46,

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that tetracycline is a prudent choice for first-line treatment of

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purities are removed from the melted mass by forcibly blowing

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until the ensuing annual meeting. An organization was

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Eustachian tube, (d) Pygemia. The organisms most commonly found

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ericton elected the following officers for the ensuing 5'ear: — President,

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a tooth. An infant may suck blood from a fissured or

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>id Btiffness seemed to start. There was no loss

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over a ten week period to learn about research, ca-

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8, Russell Sturgis, M. D. ; No. 9, Frederick F. Daggett, M. D.

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the corneal surface. This portion of the eye structure shows a

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The tense and brawny feeling due to extensive infiltration

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the history of gonorrhoea ought to have been learned

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large hernias. After a truss is adjusted, its efficiency should be

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subject, but the danger only occurs when the parasites are very

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Laboulbene designated in his notes as "general adenitis" [adeniU

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the circumflexa fern, externa, to the muscles on the anterior and external as-

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membership, agreed to purchase some bonds of the King Edward Hotel

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late years, than to compare Sanders's case-taking card drawn up


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