Neurotic medicines have even been detected after desth in

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lions ol eases ,,11 the pages of medical joumals ^thcy milict n il "uly a public,

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emphasis to be laid, too, upon the distance and the

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their best endeavors, if in their judgment, after the assembling of the Legislature in 1895,

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or any member of their family over 15 years of age.

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adjoining countries ; the beriberi, in the East Indies, a rheimiatic oedematous paralysis,

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Inflammation of the gall-bladder is not unfrequently propagated

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absolute comparison between figures such as these. Much of the pre-

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hybridization. Proc Natl Acad Sci lS:50S\-5085, 1981.

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diagnosis of acute appendicitis dies. The morality varies from

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versity of Cambridge (England) : " The book as a whole is a fair

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that in the construction of these beautiful instruments, we Americans are rivaling, if

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The same group for one classifier may not contain exactly the

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one year later the child was brought in with the tonsillar gland on the

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during the first trimester Warn patients of the potential

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circumstance is combined wiih rapidity of I paralysis, partial or entire, is, save in a few

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altation is a feeling of hurry that is always a part of

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of Radiology, College of Medicine State University of

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that I drank it," I replied, "for you held it tight all the

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of power appears, if the patient gets delirious and the

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WOOLVERTON, I., Surgeon. — Promoted to Medical Inspector.

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and the excrements too long retained. If the ulcers appear

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scattered sibilus, examination of the chest reveals no physical signs. The

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although it is at times somewhat difficult, it is yet a

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sions, psychoses (Burrows and Flint) — but may be due to com-


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