and contains many floating particles or masses of pigment.
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chloroform cold to head purgatives etc. Delivery terminated speedily
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which precludes accurate examination after death and seldom
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contractions of the abdominal walls but it is not well to
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privilege of teaching enjoyed by them had the public
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acquired in the Army. The individuals yvith Avhom the soldier comes
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pressure in the lactiferous vessels with transudation of much diluted and
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in the later contributions on the anemias with or without splenic disease
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fected parts. To a certain extent this muscular weakness
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parts of the body remote from the chest as was observed in a
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most instances one examination at the beginning of the first
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have been dressed again until the dressings had become derang
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face. Every means should be taken to remove as far as we can
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Dr. Brannan s paper advocated the adoption of some plan
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sequestra through sinuses produces very satisfactory re
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the powers of the stomach. Ground oats barley oil cake
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sleep excellent no after effects. On the succeeding nights no
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some cases considerable soft swelling may be felt in the
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instances where subsequent to the growth having recurred in the
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staining with hemaroxylin and silver according to the
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probable that to this effect on the force of the heart s
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lar reports I advised a strong decoction of the pumpkin seed
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evacuate the bowels accompanied by a sensation as if something of a
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and practiced at Kome during the reigns of Trajan and Hadrian. He is
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group to comply with the directive that regardless of the
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ents of the blood. The adenoid tissue becomes greatly increased
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in the case of an outhreHk of flTimllp JX. It was ovoutually
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emphysema which of itself is not dangerous and is quite compatible with long
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the neck with iodine and claims remarkable results. Nitro glycerine and


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