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In this area and in major cities throughout India, there

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convulsion was " apoplectic," " hysterical," or " eclampsia," the exciting

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liac, at the end of the fourteenth century, were sub-

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diplomates who remain for their first postgraduate year in

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newly-born infant. The coffin was exhumed, and the town

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syphilis is sometimes contracted without being preceded by prima-

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tired, ad otium cum digiiitatc, to carry on the war in the retirement of

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100. Crookshank, E. Ajjpendix to Annual Report of the Agricultural DepartTnent,

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sitting on his Launches or lying on his back, and will retch,

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using the different sets on different days, so that the

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formerly professor of histology and experimental toxi-

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doctor lessens the load he carries in ascending stairs

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6. The acquirement of all muscular accomplishments depends

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not discover a single striking feature in their movements, which will even

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4. The lung tissue adjacent to the hepatized part undergoes

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we have had six Lectures per day. Our students have been well pleased

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1798. Dr. Samuel Hopkins, case of Bilious Concretion.

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4. Myopathia Dyscrasica. — We have already expressed the objections that wo

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and certain cancerous affections.' It may be said in reply, that the

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and notably Blumenthal, that glucose tolerance must be dealt with as a

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and has the strap put up a hole or two. The gait begins

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case failed to show any such collection in the vessels.

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to me to be an every-day remedy in surgical practice. — The

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ited strictly to the mere determination of the character of the

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diarrhoea. The diarrhoea increased, and blood was passed per

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of years since imported from Gibraltar, that had been

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conflict, as was inevitable. The short robes poached

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" livered •, if it is otherwife, they are delivered with


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