vessels into the alveoli themselves. The alveolar arrangement is explained

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mations which differ from tubercle in having little or no

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warty b ulcerative malignant c sclerotic or indurative. The common

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affection described at page under the head of local paralysis

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saliva an hour and a half after the capsules were s vallowed.

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tissues destroyed by inflammation. In the case of the

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measles have left many deaf children. Rane says the chronic

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try and first responders trained to mobilize rapidly.

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propagated in this way. As the result of investigations made

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quent cause of the death of the foetus among negroes than among whites.

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In reading the evidence given before the Committee the following

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them the prestige of a tour through European hospitals. It might be objected

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It is probable however that other instances of atrophy may

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It has been apparent throughout this paper that marked differences

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tubercle bacillus and the consequent addition to the old stock of ar

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capsule has a terminal spine in S. mansoni the spine

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amputated it in August. The spots had appeared at intervals for

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men of that period and many sage observations concern

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the patients lie during the greater.part of the day in open verandahs

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own staff preferably with its own buildings certainly with its own

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doubtful for three months or more until sufficient time has elapsed for

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community aspects of disease. His vision of medical social

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to roam comfortably over this elevated plateau from here

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although they may give you an answer perfectly com

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some preparation of it. The habit is acquired readily by those in whom

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much the same manner as did the pain above described. Five were

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ceded that the successor to Dr. Smith will be in political sym

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parts and then tied tightly after which the tumor was

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volved or that ruptured stomach has followed. The writer has seen

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any readily putrescible fluid be boiled and the mouth of the flask well

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reach from the hind feet to the collar piece and with

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healed with the beautiful scar that is characteristic of antiseptic surgery

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The following reflections recommend themselves to considera

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of the ordinary cases may be saved by this treatment

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child which in all particulars is similar to those referred to

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the operation of aspiration is in one of the inter

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definite signs of endocarditis. In very severe cases in which even

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whelming importance of Rose s symptom of bloody anuria but


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