These early journeys I shall slightly sketch in the course

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can be felt to reach the resisting ligamentumsubflava and, finally, the

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Dr W. A. Jamieson. — While it was admitted that relapses

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f drugs, such as quinine, are given, erythema may be more frequent.

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The first-aid packet is carried by all officers and enlisted men.

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tina and erysipelas were more rebellious to the anti-

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Contrib., " Case of Facial Paralysis," Bos. Med. & Surg. Jour.,

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Arthur Meyer. In this method, freshly caught male frogs (R. teni-

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members may be sent to Mrs. Leonard Arling, 2310 Last

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amples. In 1853, I administered chloroform in Brooklyn,

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This patient was operated on for piles, and her rectum was packed

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Physicians ought always to be thoroughly qualified for their work ; and,

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bile and pancreatic ducts, was found an oblong tumour the size of an almond,

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case of a female aged 40, who had suffered many years

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which the French have applied the term. This nomenclature is, however,

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syphilis is sometimes contracted without being preceded by prima-

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fied with notions and names, without a constant verification of

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has been in a solution of chloral since December, 1874. It is excellently

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years of age, who six years previously had been under

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serious matter in hand. But while mentioning it only

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tumour, for example, near the eye, may contain pigment, and not return. A

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labor, 6-15 marks; twin, 9-24 marks; natural, but tedious

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tively recent date, only a few fatal injuries of this de-

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ligatured the pedicle, applied the cautery, split the

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1899 c. — Sur un nouveau protozoaire de l'homme et de eertaines especes d'ani-

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swelling of the elbow joint, and although I supected dis-

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surface, and when the fever and coma diminish upon the

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lar affections. Small-pox patients have been surroun-

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light food should be taken for 24 hours, and nothing for four

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