upper arm and leg, 24-45 marks. Reposition dislocated

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quired to recommend it. This, the fourth edition, re-

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The posterior wound was the smaller ; its lips were

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infection had in the mean time come into existence at the southern

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fered no calamities since they were planted, but the orch-

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which the disease has advanced is of much less importance as a

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I have been able to collect the reports of sixteen autop-

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prescribing laxatives. The anus should be carefully examined.

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exudation serving for the reparation of an injured tissue. A true

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The second soup, Ajo bianco, or white garlic soup, is more

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producing this increat-ed 8uscei)tihility. The following

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Although the above account is the classical description of the disease,

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therefore, be quite satisfied if the minister who is in charge of the

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as to surround them with useful books to read, that

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O. P. Andrews, of East Liverpool, has recently spent a week at

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ganization were represented in turn. Some had been ill a

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deal of time was occupied in instructional work and occasional courses of

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chemical change, a practical familiarity with the principal

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tractus bulbo-spinaUs (figs. 10 to 17, <r.6.¬ęp.), and it is probable

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tating microscopic or other examination which may seem

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described in a treatise on " The Digestion and Assimilation of

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practice, to be established at Fisher's Island, X. Y. (near New

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doctor lessens the load he carries in ascending stairs

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cine; clinical attendance, with practice; and visiting clinic.

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closes, and obtained better results. Since then, Lassar {Bed. Idin.

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P.M. 212), double apical pneumonia ; M 38 (Luke 3, P.M. 6), chronic phthisis of

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tion of the early stages of such disease. It is scarcely distinguish-

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doses of oil, which, acting mechanically, will relieve the symp-

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believed, was William H. Mitchell, a newspaper publisher of Rochester, who in

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of the fetus and habitual excessive development of it. The indi-

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she observes, that after its opposera had failed in per-

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the dog. It is this which distinguishes the promising from the

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frequent applications with rest in bed and aspirin and atropin in-

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little ground, from the clinical history as detailed,

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almost invariably acid. The alkalinity observed in some cases may

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marked appendix lesion, together with involvement of other organs.


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