was, I think, twenty years of age, and in full health

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eight, slightly affected fifty-five, and severely affected,

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undoubtedly a duty which I owe to the profession as well

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occurs in about nine percent of the dogs in this district and to a less

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Practice deep breathing going to and from school. Fill your lungs with

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layers of carbolized absorbent cotton wool and allow them to dry.

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position in the joint. Its reduction loill then generally he

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from the malignant neoplasms of man and of animals, are blasto-

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ability of the optician. Our laws do not govern the ability

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matous nephritis. A good state of general nutrition and strength

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The urinalysis gave negative results. The value for

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variety of combinations with it. Any information we can im-

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ticle of matter and gas was sucked out so completely that perfect collapse of

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into plant-food the products of vegetables and animals which

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large intestine was wasted and thinned to a great degree. In commenting on

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of the following conditions will be found to exist : —

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simjjly colored bitter water, and he recovered, giv-

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short stem soon appears bearing slender spine tipped leaves, which later

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lander," has the exclusive right to export the products of the

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face. Occurring in the septum, it is sometimes cause of sudden death.

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of one month for study of the effect. Ischemia of the parts during treat-

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and secretaries of each section will form a Committee of Eeference,

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