solution be made with accuracy, however, and occasionally disasters which

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of any pus. It should be remembered that the testicles

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short the attack. In two cases, three doses at intervals of half an hour were

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tion of the levator ani and the anterior j)ortion of the

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that the injection of 1.0 mg. of epinephrin per kilo of body weight is

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hng; his flanks plump and full ; and his last or small

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he had closed it and locked it, he was less careful. Then

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can be done without too terrible a wrencli. If there be any local disease,

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have been furnished with scales. In many of these schools in

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which blindness was threatened without serious risk to

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habilitation Social Worker, has had extensive experience in public welfare as

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found to contain fungi, epithelioid cells, animal organisms, fibers, and

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In France, Pinard takes strong ground against Caesarian

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iipidemic disease alike, arise, not from the air, but from

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titatively. It has been a fact, and a noticeable fact, that our most intelH-

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Cercopithecus and indeed in most of the Old World Apes, in which

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Spring are more sudden and violent than in Autumn. There should be

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It is not necessary to confine the patient or close the eye. When a solution

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are not properly cared tor the protective enamel cover breaks down,

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It is well known to every practitioner, that patients of similar strength and

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outstanding and integral part of the " cure." Employing these

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Board of Health, Quebec; and Dr. Gordon Bell, Secretary, Provincial

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a rule, when attempts have been made to remedy the evils caused by the

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1. Data on file, Pfizer Inc, New York, NY 2. The Treatment of Mild Hypertension Research Group. The treatment of

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If the collateral circulation had here changed to the distal side,

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had professional barbers to cut their hair and trim

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Art. 179. — On Obstruction of the Bectum by Fibrous Tumors of the

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PROCARDIA. This edema occurs primarily in the lower extremities and usually responds to

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formation. He then concludes : (1) that the inocula-

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for treatment bv ihe tuberculin method. The most favourable cases are


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