The rooms are all amply large, well ventilated, beautifully fur-

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the mucosa and the lumen. The cell foci as described under No. 279 were present

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tation of clinical cases. These are facilitated by the

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or of chloroform sufficient to cause early primary anaesthesia are of great

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that he would make as regards treatment was that the

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used the quinine. It particularly suited in cases where the digestive

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will stand the highest chance of attaining a prosper-

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two boys and two girls, the time elapsing between the birth of

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industrial hygiene. The whole matter came very much to the fore during

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obesity to condition upset and unduly stimulate the

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GoNOSAN is a dirty green oily substance, soluble in ether, alcohol, and

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that although this method is of value in caries of the

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thrifty companion forthwith removed them to the place of

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bile and pancreatic ducts, was found an oblong tumour the size of an almond,

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Etiology: — The trichina inhabits the intestines of the

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when the lamellse have undergone great separation. It is not till a

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The parasites are found usually in large numbers in the circulating

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youth, and are an integral part of school curricula.

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and then interfered with in its return by pressure from the distended

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superior excellence as regards both free expansibility

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be introduced nine inches, and the reservoir should not be more

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must be that in which the part will be most useful to the

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nepJirite parenchymateuse profonde ou grane^ on p. 166 of the

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variety, in the improvement of methods of ovariotomy and similar subjects. He

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the meetings during the past year. He also referred to the fact

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611 : 743 Marshall, J. Anatomy for artists. Lond. 1878.

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Lindsay, Montreal ; Dr. Ferguson, London ; Dr. Richardson, Winni-


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