» De natur. puer. cap 5. charter. ^Tora. V. pag. 314.
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plain that in most cases the local health authorities can not be relied
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eastern Russia, where it has long been a troublesome
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Where the disease involves the under surface of the tip and fioor of
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the reahty of the full value claimed for the earth-dressings, and however much
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for the treatment of the non-infecting syphilitic sore — the so-
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3. To examine teachers and to assist them to establish and to
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physicians in England are not devoid of ingenuity, even though
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** (1.) To reduce excessive heat, — To accomplish this, the first indication. Dr.
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•34778 MacGillivray, E. J. Treatise upon the law of copy-
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and optic thalami the superior ganglia of the cerebrum show
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irregular rent in the vessel leading into an abscess cavity which had
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con'crs upon the child, when judiciously performed; and still most authors ex-
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nance over the sensorial centres ; and it is not a little remarkable that in this single
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to the State for help when it ought to come from within.
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"Terms Cash" — editorial. Dr. G. A. Siockwell. 470
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cases, have hardly as yet been fiairly tested, the following case, with the observations upon
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eleventh day of the disease. There was no spread of the pneumonic process
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of the population. The greater frequency of marriages in the Netherlands, may
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Add starch gruel to make 1 pint, — this is one dose for the horse; repeat
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or facial monoplegia in men suffering from genuine cortical para-
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lowed in 30 minutes to an hour by flushing, sweating, and warmth
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Students will register in the School of Agriculture on
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rectly during life, and after death found to have a meso-
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made an agreeable drink when treated with sugar, and some
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special operative facility, and is apt to be long and tedious. The
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fever, 27 of phthisis, 11 of diphtheria, and 9 of erysipelas.
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teeth. She had been attending at the hospital previously, and she
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