Paralysis of the Ocular Muscles. Two patients had convergent

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castrated without relief at the end of two months but had

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where post mortems have been made no adequate lesions have been dis

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some partof the daj. Tbe epadal anaagemant of ewtains

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a single Jesuit. But where is the politician who has the moral courage

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gall nut excrescences on thistles and willow leaves fir timber the

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severe congestion or inflammation of very important or

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is the most unsatisfactory portion of the hook. He advises non

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to adduce cases in which the removal of an animal as

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the ability of an individual s serum to agglutinate his

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damp or stormy weather. They should have all the clean

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the Crimea and of these cases twenty four ended fatally. Bertherand

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disposition may be ranged under three heads namely excessive

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ha lt l however been decided nasal obstruction on the left sidei

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equilibrium. The conception of nitrogen equilibrium has been

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at a very low temperature and is very profuse. Indications

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the three first days nothing remarkable occurred. Fourth fever and deep

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pathological findings were those of a well differentiated

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scribed in books anajsthesia which lasts from three to fifteen

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way physicians practice medicine b The increased paper work and hassle on the

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In the differential diagnosis of nervous dyspepsia this fact ob

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orange flower water three ounces and a half this quantity to

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suggest how allopurinol can be used to treat gout

lymphatic leuksemia may be neg ati ecl if small and large mononuclear

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of the gland and the inner aspect of the urethral side of the

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to the Autocrat of the Breakfast Table from the dry

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In four of these patients there was clubfoot of some

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both in its primary manifestations and in its sequels which the British

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Cherokee and Lumbee Indians of North Carolina. Intl J Soc Psychiatry

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after the ingestion of food during the processes of diges

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and in another there was produced no apparent analgesia what


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