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one inch distance, and in half-a-dozen places, 15 minims of a 5 per cent
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place himself upon that side of the bed and body of the patient
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There are several species that are described under the
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It is unquestionable that the limnophysalis hyalina enters
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discharge carrying them away before any action can occur. The
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considered no operation radical where one jumjx'd about
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npon, it follows that the quantity of arsenioos acid remaining on the wall-paper, after four
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opening is left after the removal of the wick that the
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form for the removal of urobilin, and finally dissolved
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of the intestinal loop, which is safely anchored in the abdominal
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(6) The blood-vessels are frequently sclerosed, especially those arteries
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cauterization ; excision ; antiseptic measures : and
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er the day before ; anu when heat had gaii^ed the victo-
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Figure— A South African black male with a congenital white
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sion and the world would not yet have been enriched with a
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the hemorrhage had ceased, that the woman had no pain, that the
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broken up, and gradually working toward its base the pedicle is
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a gentle moisture. She complained of 'cold chills 1
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literature, which is large, there appears but little or nothing on the
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crystals. The cells are apparently the epithelial cells of the intestine that have
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tube or duct leading from the eye to the nose (Fig. 167).
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About two months ago I was called upon by a young lady,
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foot, grade 1. There was a firm mass, 6 by 3 inches
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two kinds of projectiles by which the wounds were inflicted.
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as a rule first invades the muscles most in voluntary use, in striking harmony
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the poison remaining in solution. Peptones and salts are eliminated by


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