We started on this task by designating Edward Jenner a fortunate

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ing them often. Give an exclusive diet of milk for some days.

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understanding and long familiarity for the proper apprecisr

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with a heavy weight upon his back. Walking exercise al

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lowing way. The product of reaction prepared for crystallization is

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accompanied by a report by Professor Douglas Maclagan obtained at

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ration constituting what Kayer has called calculous pyelitis. Their

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When spread out it presented a remarkably beautiful appear

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seven per cent partly because the antepartum observations did

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Neurological Society cases of this kind are to be found

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Comparative experiments with a solution of the strength of

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Pedro Ghitierrez Dr. Jose Janer and myself made this a special

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attribute the death to hemorrhage. Also in example No. in which

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are commonly congested and edematous so that rales are

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The records of eleven cases seven males and four females who have

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able angle for future usefulness. An operation based essen

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with increased vascularity of the conjunctiva still continues

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shaped glasses may be employed. Hollow wedge shaped

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The published cases of bacteriuria as it is termed

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in the supply pipe by which the gas flow may be regulated

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producing the mottled appearance previously noticed. This

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genesis of precocious senility including progeria its

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Skene some three or four weeks ago did double ovariotomy on

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average of three weeks. The more general the infection the more violent

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some instances circumstances may compel that the communi

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with the same quantity of water at blood heat. Stir in fourteen

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denominations of these scales instinctively proportions

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with coldness and usually dryness of the paralyzed part

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muscular tonus dependent upon integrity of the sympathetic which might

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now is the time to look to the future and although I

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adult is liable to and experiences for the first time a suc

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make him a member of the Medical Society of Vermont.

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epidemic cerebro spinal fever with intense headache convulsions

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hyperglycemia occurs that reaches its maximum in one hour and then


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