smallest terror of captivity. Ten minutes of earlier

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evidence to that effect being negative and positive. The latter includes certain

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ing to the laws of the State of New Hampshire, is eligible

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of nervous origin. These ceUs, doubtless, have their origin in

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use cannon, a thing yet unheard of in France. Four pieces, planted on

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where hides, imported from South America are treated. This affection

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1898, Ixxii. p. 31.— 156. Idem. ^m. ■/. Jfeti. &. 1898, cxvi. p. 275.— 157. Dana. J.

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to agree upon what should be considered the active constituents of

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heimer states that further investigations proved that the body,

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been the subjects of them. One of the most noticeable effects

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The effect produced upon the neoplasm was undoubtedly that

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the body below the breasts. This symptom lasted for

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but usually unnecessary to regard in emergency surgery, for it is a mistake

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In the incipient stage of phthisis, before the tubercles are deposited

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health, after a four or six weeks' course at Carlsbad.

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t Dr. UiKlBgui prefers to believe tbul It ncti, «bca inhslpd, " on tha brarl

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servative surgery in mutilation of the hand by machinery.

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They remain enclosed in their intact sheaths, and obtain

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or intentional, would seem to have been set aside by

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each of these arts we avail ourselves of the laws of

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in the latter than in the former disease, and these are still fur-

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place, in order to maintain the high pressure, the left ventricle

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kidney, in 1880, with Dr. Yair, I proposed not to excise the

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would not seem philosophical to apply it to man when it can not be

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and this disease is almost as prevalent among neat stock as it

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kidney,, is the pathological condition to which we are limited

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hood of fistula}, either fecal or simple. The patient

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James Bryan Herri ck, A.M., M.D.; Bertram Welton Sippy, M.D.; Joseph


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