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to the galvanic current, but the protoplasmic substance requires a much
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the head; at a very great distance indeed, scarcely
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An analo<;o)is method of lymph formation is not conlined to sitimtions
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l|sii;ill.\ III' ,,liN,-|\r.|. Iiilt llcv.'f I'V ,;ii\ iiiriills sntlici.'ilt to Jli-counl (..•
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,,,| „„ J, tixr.l niixi'.l .li.'t. i1 I lun.- ilMT.'iisr.l. m.i.icI ilil.'s l,y |(MI p.T
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term of Hodgkin's disease and distinguish certain definite types recognizable
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TomorB of the Pelvis of the Kidney.— These growths are very rare,
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seemingly confirmed by their response to the ordinary treatment, which
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persistently in large doses. It is given most frequently in cod-liver oil, in


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