rotation. An annual division of the sum among the faculties could

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in the family, two of the family having died of the

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injury a small slow-growing tumor appeared. This swelling caused

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step in the agriculture of the state and is important to the

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perhaps glucose. Sulphocyanates are by no means always present in saliva, only

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following is a good example of the form taken by a medico-legal report,

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a fluid, supposed to be saliva tinged with blood, from

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no new abscess found, descending cornu of lateral ventricle tapped by Keen's

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view of the act of incorporation as regards taxation, than of hos-

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because of the exceptional condition found at the autopsy. A boy, aged two

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physical restraint to our patients, we should never allow these to

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1798. Dr. Samuel Hopkins, case of Bilious Concretion.

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first as Special Assistant, and then, during the last semester, as Assistant at the

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cotomies closed more eff"ectively were, first, that expansion of the

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Cattle,' C. Stephenson, F.E.C.V.S., idem, vol. v., 3rd series, part i.,

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through the side, or to the other side, with varying rapidity. In all

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to encourage you, so comparatively little to hamper


which was pushed behind the rectus muscle and the other below

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and Albert H. Buck, IM. D., Vol. IV. W'illiam Wood and Company.

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prophylactic agency of carbolic acid and sufiEered frightfally ;

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lesion, first discovered by i\Iott, and confirmed by all later observers, is

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— Dr. Herbert Tibbits of London has recovered from Mac-

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doses of oil, which, acting mechanically, will relieve the symp-

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will be usually saved from fatal haemorrhage by natural occlusion.

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she told him to fasten it on his neck as a charm against

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^ry payeth for it j if the fre part, the imagination ; if the

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with relation to all the works of nature, which them-

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Table highlights these differences). The introduction of

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