upon the renal changes induced by cholera. One might suppose
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must be watched very carefully ; it was almost an every-
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but the effect of the administration of equal doses of a th3rroid con-
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tubercular deposits in the upper lobes of both lungs. Tubercle bacilli
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the near future, as in the recent past, the most important facts
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bulging of the inguinal region, such as may often be seen on the opposite
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was originally an effect. For certain reasons, to be
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arteriosclerosis is a constitutional anatomic condition^ while ischemia,
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in regard to certain decrees of the moral code, and
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occurs in from six weeks to three months. Foetus is usually found on the
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with which it develops, and a greater tendency to the formation of pus.
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appearance points to one toxic agent or to toxic substances acting in
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its ftge, the hope is created, that by stea^ peisevezanoe and united effort the
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I. Hinckley; Massachusetts, C. P. Fiske; Rhode Island, John Maurans :
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in sdm-w-f passive, d^z{r) hr-s^ VII 1 1 (cf. zvf).
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lieve. In my judgment, it is greatly exaggerated as
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variously named. Sometimes it has been spoken of as a case of
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was too acute for bronchiectasis- The operative treatment was
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instead of causing relaxation of the masseters at the same time
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Died. — Dr. Frank A. Palmer (A. M. C, 1882) died at his home in
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through the membrane of the Fundulus egg and the condition for the
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The facts and thoughts expressed in this paper have been derived,
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of absence of a general blood immunity, or of the destruction of the blood
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in the clerk's office of the district court of the United states, in
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Case 4. The last example with which I shall trespass on your
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one; and the former is sometimes more difficult to control than
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When the kidney has been operated upon directly for the cure
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rather than to threaten the continuance of such a rec-
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Therefore, in our opinion, the abnormal form of the thorax
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advisable to do a second operation, and he died about five days after
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occur in a woman who had not nursed, although I know that they
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