ond floor is a large hall for lectures aud entertain-

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ovarian neuralgia, oophorectomy. Symptoms date back three years to

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We cannot, says an intelligent author, take the business

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by practising vaccination with impure lymph. Tertiary symptoms

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which the patients presented, suggesting an infectious

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TABLE 2.-Summary of 4 Persons With Adverse Reactions

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acid. The effect of caffeine has been very carefully investigated. Given

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decided at the present meeting to establish a permanent

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deal, and have a good deal of the vague relics of imperialism of palmier

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^ KD m m m ai m rn ^ 'X1 1^)?:, m zn ^ m w^ m rD V2 m u^^ 02 ui m m ^

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are unpleasant to the eye, but seldom produce serious

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Briefly reviewed, this woman at twenty-five years of

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then to 90 ; the yellow colour of the skin began to fade ; and all

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Babinski and Froment believe that many of the paralyses and

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quarts a day. He has no thirst; the sticky secretion in

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does not give any detailed account of his results, but merely states

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greenish unhealthy pus oozed out, which, when the sternum was

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to make sure that the dura mater or brain be not damaged.

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some other disinfectant ai^pruved hi/ the Inspector,'' who may

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*BARRETT, Henry A., Concord— 1846. A. B. (Amherst) 1845;

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has been so low as not to make it burdensome to the shortest,

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" obstinate cases of scurvy, king's evil, leprosy, and all other skin

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dance without irrigation, illustrates the adaptation of the

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inasmuch that there is hope, in process of time, the water here will

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terious dispensation, when natural it represents such a complex relaxa-

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the functional activity of the hematopoietic organs.

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October, 1868. — The patient called and reported that some weeks be-

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all sources, for information in relation to the best possible mode of treat-

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excitability of the velum palati and phar^mgeal muscles. Peripheral

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anesthesia usually supplemented by intravenous Valium® or i

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change has been made during the last forty years in their apparatus for

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by Reclus {Bevue de Chirurgie, 1888) seem to be regarded by those best

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