and achievement. This was done by closing unprofitable

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life in a doubly dangerous manner — it would be wasting time to

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the operation, when the entire pancreas had been dissected free except that its

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operation and again a hernio-laparotomy is indicated. The site of

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suit. There are but few substances that absorb odors

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ease was known to have returned. Great differences prevailed according

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examination may be made, first with instruments, using the dilators. If

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that this pulsation, transmitted in all directions, was peculiar to retroperi-

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hence ulceration of th e conjunctiva, and raucous surfaces of the

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the efficacy of these charcoal respirators in providing warm air

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perature of 70°; sometimes it was raised to 80°, rarely to

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wherever traces of it can be discovered as a distinct anatomical struc-

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have now presented their report in regard to the ex-

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of exceedingly minute doses. Many places we have marked to

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passages occur, and perhaps give rise ultimately to pulmonary

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to cold to which she was exposed as a charwoman, but that she had

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domestic animals including dogs, cattle, or horses. There

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require five to ten minutes before quietude could be re-

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of the new buildings of the Faculty of Medicine was laid

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action of the Sarr. purpurea in small-pox. There have,

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' This is also the opinion of Hugo v. Ziemssen; compare Pleuritis und Pneumonie

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not bring about any improvement, and a few weeks before I saw him

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service. Why in the first place they occurred in a Poor

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at a young age, they will do fully as well open as if

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blood, and, more rarely, some elastic fibres may be found.

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from 120 to 85 or 90 beats in a minute; the tongue has become moister

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Statistics as to the results of secondary suture are not of much

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loss of blood, except the emptying of the divided veins,

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some will have a considerable mortality, even if oper-

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