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stranger. In the management of a stud of horses it is

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attendance on classes which constitutes an annus medicus is fixed

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ir this sacrifice of human linns done tffough ignorance

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Definition: — A violent, acute inflammation of the

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1945. *Rhoads, Jonathan E., Univ. of Pa. Hospital (4)

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while the ultimate result is death, yet these cases are very satisfac-

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A sow with young will require to have her sty with a rail

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excessive stimulation by these same reagents rapidly

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of this series, and in another instance among the cases of chronic

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to a medicated spray and then to ozonized air, and the ^^

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* Creuzer Religions de 1' Antiquite, Tom. i, p. 133.

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was in a very prosperous condition. I had good reason

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kidney, in 1880, with Dr. Yair, I proposed not to excise the

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least two months in advance to Continuing Medical Education,

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W. G. Bogart indorsed position of writer. He said " the first case

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1. The frequency of the complete positive Wassermann reaction

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six weeks there was a marked improvement, and at the end of three

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It is needless to speak of treatment. This disease ought

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staff, and will often save him when treatment fails;

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large instrument, as being more under the command of the hand.

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prepared and most practical and elicited keen discussions.

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Of seventy-one physicians in public asylums in the United

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long, and should only be made when rcijuired. After

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only a few had lesions extensive enough to be factors in the final

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cious, giving almost absolute relief from pain in an incredibly short

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almost uninterrupted, discharge of projectiles that was kept up

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nearly six per cent of .solids, and at twenty minutes to eight,

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tration exceeds a certain value; and in this case the watery phase of

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BEiiG states, in the Arch. f. (ylyiiax.., vol. iii., part 2, that in the incipient stage

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The closing chapter by Lodge on the technic of dental skiagraphy will

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has himself practiced inoculations by excoriation of the nasal

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accomplished, no one can feel that his life has been spent in

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The symptoms of onset in the majority of cases are sudden and pro-


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