fixation of the uterus are called for in a small minority of cases of

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| and water sports. Professional liability paid. Excellent

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Remarks. — In addition to the foregoing cases, reported, and alluded

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gained in weight and has obviously put on flesh, so that the face

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ers-by, shouting at night, wearing of disguises, inter-

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of calomel and James' powder given. If relief be not

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I have observed increased tenderness of the stomach in

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quantity was taken than in any previously recorded terminating in re-

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It may be true that marriage is a divine institution, the

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Dr. Wilder Tileston (New Haven) : In regard to Dr. McDonnell's

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horse for others from our earliest remembrance, and have come

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comparative freedom from supervision and the lazy life too often

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Two forms of adenomata are met with in the kidneys : the papillary

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thorax, the diaphragm, and the pericardium by means of very fine fibrous bands.

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circulates, which is specially high because the arteria efferens

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mutants in Tax made little mRNA. Much evidence sug-

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notably ticks. This should make it worthy of the notice of

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I was prevented from making any further examination of the body by

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of dripping, 3 eggs well beaten, % lb. moist sugar, ^ lb. of currants,

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months. Of the eight cases in which the arrest was not followed

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lary circulation ; hence the blood is forced through the deep capillaries,

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to the growth of the pharynx rather than the atrophy of the

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In this way the operation roi^ht be reduced to a very sim])le process, and the chief

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low it always means that the forceps are wrongly applied, or that

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which frequently contains streaks of blood. Non-sibilant crack-

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MM. et de Chir. Pratiques (Mediccd Record). An ordinary

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extensively torn, and the vitreous protruding. — Medical Record.

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which the climate and soil of large portions of the Southern

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return and was not seen. again. Floating opacities in the vitreous

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risk of danger to them. An individual having weak respira-

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she suffered a recurrence of pellagra, with erythema, stomatitis, diarrhea and

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of pure water subcutaneously and the administration of the good


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