morning. I then gave Fid. Ext. Ergot, m xx, as dilatation was nearly

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are not pronounced, indeed, paralysis of the intestinal tract with con-

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— the type so well described by Libman. This disease, with its char-

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encourage the proper soil ferments ; this dressing should

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ing to the physicians the facilities of a library which is constantly

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murnuir, he would like to hear from Dr. Hutchison whether he found such

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readily felt just below the lower end of the sternum, by pressing

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into the Water — Choking — Swallowing Pins, etc. — Foreign Bodies in Eye or Ear —

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within the thorax, and therefore variations in thoracic pressure

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as are applied both internally and externally. If we

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nection can be found, at this stage, between the anlage of the cil-

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1923. Repplier, Sidney, J., M.D., Medical Director, Curtis Hos-

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grow less, the breathing to get harder and the system

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within half a day after the publication of any vacancy. On the incoming of a new

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pent came, licked the sore with its tongue and then glided back

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worm-eaten and rotten-rooted tree— monogamy, and the black old stump —

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without alteration of the reflexes, and sometimes con-


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