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Discussion by Drs. Emery Bartley Wilson Evans Herbert

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in scientific papers published by MBRS faculty and students and in

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sometimes produced by paralysis of the vasomotor nerves such as oc

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cervix. Sometimes it was safer not to amputate the supra

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twenty to thirty lateral dichotomously dividing branches. The con

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tation of the uterus in preference to Doyen s total hyster

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ostomy ancient cholecystostomy hypostatic edema and congestion of the lungs

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table covered with abundant secretion the cervix short

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sufficiently inviting though not at my instigation to a surgeon s

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zinc oxide parts starch and vaseline each parts. Zinc

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place and the latter would only disappear when the original dis

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laceration by bullet wounds during childbirth or con

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which is the smallest of the four stomachs is also lined with cuticular

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confirmed locomotor ataxy and common paraplegia in these respects


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