ual, sufifering from infection, as compared with that
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Acute anterior poliomyelitis occurs in early child-
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it may be said that there are only two parts in the
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one year of age. The total deaths from all causes, ex-
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had been troubled with occasional pain on urination for
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patients suffering from biliary lithiasis. Fats are
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cutaneous tissues are infiltrated and the incision car-
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peruse the dissertation Dc Diavoli potentia in cor-
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3. Finkelstein. Jalirbuch fiir Kinderlieilkunde, xliii, p.
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days she received two doses each dav of 250,000,000 each,
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Wilson, of Brooklyn, who has already served for two
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is indicated in cases of localizing abscess with dif-
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in this affection. Quite recently {Ga::ettc des hopi-
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negative. Cammidge reaction, negative. Blood : Haemo-
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.Straits Settlements — Singapore .... Oct. 16-22 16 5
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CuLBERTSON. — In Grays Court. .South Carolina, on Thurs-
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routine administration of drugs in the early stages,
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Freud great praise because his generalizations con-
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ing upon the pars pendula, so as to retract the foreskin.
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His clothing was so wet and sticky it had to be removed
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reflexes, when the subject is again "soaked." Like-
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deplorable conditions by which they are surrounded,
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various angles to that point with accuracy and pre-
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for two weeks for fear that otherwise they might bring
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Knight, Carlisle P., Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from
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or secreted in the cerebrospinal fluid suggests its
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ence conjointly of the three patliological conditions,
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author under the heading of "The Specification'" —
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for the second appointment of the assistant professors and
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more generally it is observed, the fewer will be the
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cruciati'>its. & symptoniafibus corrcptiis. qiuc ah
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multiplication, defective distinction, and tendency to
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chance in the distribution of cancer throughout the
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toration of breathing has occurred four hours after
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ing 'listurbance in nerve cell was due to direct ef-
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Case XIII. (14) Female, xt. twenty, secondary syphilis;
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ders, or regulations except as distinctly provided in


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