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Of the sounds produced by the pulmonary organs in health and in

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No. 31). — The antiseptic and j?eruiicidal properties of solutions of formaUU?-

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the sole limitations of our professional responsibilities. It is this

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alveolar abscesses were found. (Figs. 5 and 6-.) These con-

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not pathology simply — it was strictly pathological anatomy. It is

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of the disease that its effects have been felt ever since. As

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logic needs. In addition to sodium chlorid, other salts of

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dencies, all these symptoms having lasted about six

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ment. It was curious to remark that, while in India

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of reporting, which would be so much better in the breach

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complications above mentioned. The longer a chronic disease of the

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and left side, of false paraplegia (tetanoid), and atrophy of a few muscles of

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ined for colour blindness, and although this is not a cause for rejection,

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have his name and address in writing. 2. This done, an agent

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Dr. Grieve believes shows that the protective power of vaccination

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ded many valuable observations on this subject. He has shewn,

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dropping a No. 6 shot into it, drawing off to a point


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