No. 4. — Composition of Alkali in Well Water on the Sheridon Experi-
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IS interrupted and exacerbation of angina occurs, it usually is advisable to reinslitute
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they are especially benefited by mountain-air life.
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constant during the whole twenty-four hours. The latter is a condition
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or in the small intestine, various intoxication symptoms appear, such as
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child, it should be generally known and practiced. In the Monthlt for August,
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effective, the method pursued by Surgeon Cuyler, namely,
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Broken Knees. — From falls; this is a common soft of a case; the
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hoff, for instance, is of opinion that inoculation of the wound is a
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as follows : take of uva ursi leaves 1 ounce ; water 20
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Charpie has one advantage over lint, viz., its superior capacity
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no fixation of the displaced uterus, even the most enterprising
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What did chloroform do? It left this young man more deeply diseased,
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tal nearly two months, dieted, and given codeine. The
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Neurological complications of the ear, nose and throat, 202
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a separate fiber-tract to the ganghon of this nerve. Just before
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upper jaw. After closer examination, and obtaining a clearer
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were audible. On the seventh day there was a fresh attack of dyspnoea
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pletely rewritten and enlarged. Philadelphia: P. Bl»kistou,
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This same M. Jourdain cites one of his experiments which I regard
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cal Effects, and their Value in the Diagnosis of Pregnancy, by Dr. J. Brax-
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surer device by which to escape the spasmodic movement than a mere
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received from these • officers, the medical officer in command of
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Dick this was done ' by placing his knee against the front or pro-
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1905 p. — Fdaria cingula n. sp. [Author's abstract of von Linstow, 1902 o]


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