prove or disprove it. In this case, as in many others, science
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physician's hand. He was given morphia hypodermically and after a few
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though in men their form is more round and oval. They have
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Dexter, John Smith, s, Elroy, Wis. A.B. (Ripon C.) '08; M.A. (U. of Wisconsin)
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Dental and Oral Surgery, read his annual address, in
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of continuity, occupying the whole right lateral as-
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the operation. After patiently enucleating the kidney, I was
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nently contracted, bent, and rendered almost as hard and immov-
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greater than it really is, and there has existed, and indeed may still
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measurables and ponderables of physical science, however
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admits the frequent concurrence of the two principles.
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sepia., sil., stram., tarax., verat., alumina, crocus., cupr.,
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principal address of the evening was by Herbert Welch, President of
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became soft, flabby, and easily torn. The results of this
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surgical problem has apparently been reached in the vasculariza-
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location reduced. So quickly did this occur that there was no
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1780 a. — Descriptio et iconica delineatio novi generis vermium, stoniaclmhe dicti,
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Cochin China, Cambodia, coast of Guinea, and most groups of Polynesia.
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Elizabeth Hannah Lawrence, set. 53, was admitted into Guy's
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the organism is not nourished and will expire ; and the clinical tests of Germain
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rience those morally elevating and health-inspiring emotions which
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fore, no further treatment should be adopted than that
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from the ulcer may result fatally. In some instances Mann and
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supply of criminal material, the law contributes to its
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any carcase that has died or been slaughtered on board during the
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dies from pneumonia, empyema, or an enormous bedsore over his sacrum,
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Oxford. — Examination for a Degree in Arts ; Responsions ; Moderations ;
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Wheatland. July 9, 1894 (No. 379); Cottonwood Canon, August
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bacteria may be cultivated artificially apart from the body
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"Red roses for the living, and hand clasps warm and true,


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